At Superstar Kids Fashion Week, we believe in nurturing and promoting young talent in the world of fashion and entertainment. As our Brand Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in representing our vision and becoming the face of the SCFW event. Here are the incredible benefits and opportunities you'll receive:

1. Face of the Event:

You will be the official Face of the Superstar Kids Fashion Week event, prominently featured in all promotional materials and branding.

2. Complete Acting Classes for 1 Year:

Access to a year-long acting program, providing you with the skills and training needed to excel in t the entertainment ent industry

3. Reels Making:

We will assist in creating high-quality acting reels to showcase your talent and versatility.

4. Monthly Different Look Photoshoot:

Enjoy monthly professional photoshoots, exploring a variety of looks to build a diverse portfolio

5. Promo Videos for Promotions and Festivals:

Participate in creating promotional videos for the SKFW event, festivals, and special campaigns.

6. Movie Collaborations and Auditions:

Our SKFW team will actively seek and facilitate movie collaborations and auditions on your behalf

7. Designer Wear Shoots:

Collaborate with renowned fashion designers for exclusive photoshoots.

8. Brand Callaborations:

Be the first choice for brand collaborations within our network.

9. Pan India Promotions:

Gain nationwide exposure through our extensive promotional efforts.

10. Main Event Hoarding - Face of Brand Ambassador:

Your image will grace our event hoarding, ensuring maximum visibility.

11. Final Event On-Stage Special Entry with Celeb:

Enjoy a special on stage entry alongside celebrities during the final event.

12. Guinness Book Recard Time Appearance:

Create history with an appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records, setting new benchmarks.

13. Special Certificate:

Receive a unique certificate recognizing your role as the Brand Ambassador of Superstar Kids Fashion Week.

14. 50 Stages Foce Promotions:

Appear on 30 different stages, engaging with audiences as the face of the event.

15. Reels with Celebs:

Collaborate with established celebrities to enhance your own image and presence.

16. Digital Promotions Pan India:

Benefit from extensive digital marketing campaigns spanning the entire nation.

17. Personal Profile Website:

A dedicated website showcasing your personal profile and achievements.

18. Social Media Management:

Professional management of your social media pages for effective online branding.

19. Limelight in Movie and Fashion Industry:

Experience the limelight in both the movie and fashion industries.

20. Special Walk Entry Like Celebrity:

Enjoy a grand and special walk entry at every show, just like a celebrity.

21. Brand Callaboration Priority:

Get priority consideration for brand collaborations within the Superstar Kids Fashion Week network.

22. Mobile App Promotions:

Promote your image through our official mobile app.

23. Greater Society Wolks:

Make appearances as a celebrity Brand Ambassador in 200+ greater societies.

24. Pan India Show Walks:

Participate in 100 shows across India, walking as the Brand Ambassador.

25. TV Channel Promotions:

Promote your image through television channels for widespread visibility.

26. Live Event on Entertainment Channels:

Appear on live entertainment channels during the final event.

27. Media Publicity:

Gain media attention and coverage through various media outlets.

28. Newspaper Coverage:

Feature in newspapers, further enhancing your image and reach.

29. Certificate of All Records:

Receive recognition for breaking records and achieving milestones.

30. Brand Ambassader for Sponsors:

Act as the Brand Ambassador for our sponsors for a year, enhancing their brand visibility.

31. Casting Offers from Mangalyam Stories:

Access to casting offers for two years from Mangalyam Stories, a recognized production house.

32. Occasional Events and Photography Discounts:

Enjoy a 50% discount on occasional events and photography services.

33. Clothes Discounts Pan India:

Avail discounts on clothing purchases across the nation.

34. Food Discounts Pan India:

Access special discounts on food at various locations throughout India.

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